Thursday, November 24, 2011

Field Work!

I thought I would introduce some of the field work I did while in graduate school.

South Central Alaska

The first bit of field work was related to my thesis. This fieldwork was in the Prince Williams Sound area of South Central Alaska. We were maintaining an IRIS PASSCAL temporary broadband seismic network. We also brought some geodesy students with us and did a run of the campaign GPS sites while we were there.

This photo was taken by me while we were waiting for the GPS to collect enough data before heading out on the boat. We also pulled the network on the second trip.

One last South Central Alaska photo

Talk about a cool place to work! This was another IRIS PASSCAL network, this time I was helping deploy it! We also pulled a previously deployed short period seismic network. We were focused on Uturuncu Volcano on the Alto Plano in Bolivia
Talk about a beautiful volcano! 
Uturuncu, the highest peak of SW Bolivia, displays fumarolic activity, and postglacial lava flows were noted by Kussmaul et al. (1977). Inspection of satellite images of the 6008-m-high peak, located SE of Quetana, did not show evidence for postglacial activity (de Silva and Francis, 1991). Andesitic and dacitic lava flows dominate on Uturuncu, and no pyroclastic deposits were observed during recent field work. Although young lava flows display well-preserved flow features, youthful-looking summit lava flows showed evidence of glaciation. Two active sulfur-producing fumarole fields are located near the summit, and large-scale ground deformation was observed beginning in May 1992 (Pritchard and Simons, 2002), indicating, along with recently detected seismicity, that a magmatic system is still present.
There were also a ton of amazing animals. Llamas and Flamingos were my favorite and I have an endless supply of photos of them! (Or so it seems...)

We also went up pretty high on the volcano and I took the opportunity to take a 360 shot! 

That was an amazing trip! I hope you enjoyed the photos!

Nabesna Rd scouting trip
I also went on a scouting trip to check out the Nabesna Rd area for a possible field camp location!
Skookum Peak Panorama 

We stayed on a beautiful lake!
I hope you enjoyed my field work photos!
~Infrasound Huntress

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