Tuesday, November 29, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things

Lunch time blogging!
I get sucked into my work sometimes and it's hard to break that. So I
am sitting outside! A nice break!

I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce a few of my
favorite things!

I started my career as a geology undergrad in classical geology. I
loved it! The classes were awesome, and there were field trips! My
senior thesis is on volcano infrasound, and my last year of undergrad
I was introduced to geophysics. LOVED IT! I took an applied geophysics
class and we used GPR, active source seismic, and looked at magnetic
surveys... it was amazingly fun!

I took a year off to work between undergrad and grad school (mostly
because I needed to sleep after the insanity of trying to finish my

Off I went to grad school in geophysics and loved that too. My
master's degree is in global seismology. While I love geophysics, what
I really love is processes. I like using the geophysics to get at what
is really going on. I was thankful for my strong geology background
and still rely on it as a way to ground truth results. "Does this make
sense with what I know?" Is something I ask myself all the time.

Now I am back in infrasound! I couldn't be happier! Hunting signals
from a variety of different processes and trying to learn something
about them? What could be more enjoyable!?

But this couldn't be a blog post about my favorite things without the
word VOLCANOES in huge letters. I love volcanoes. I really do. I think
they are amazingly complex creatures with distinct personalities and I
love meeting new ones!

That's all folks for today!
I have an email address set up for the blog now so email away!
isoundhuntress (at) gmail (dot) com
also follow me on twitter @iSoundHuntress

Also my lab has a new online presence so also follow @isoundhunter and
like the facebook page, and we can all be reached at isoundhunter (at)
gmail (dot) com the website is still in the works!

It's crunch time for AGU (I'm not personally going though) so things
are a little busy around here but I will try and be better about this
blog than I was about my last one!

P.S. I know I over use "!" I just get so excited! You will have to
excuse the bad habit.

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