Friday, December 2, 2011

AGU 2011 ePosters site

I love AGU. As a grad student I was only funded to go twice.
I went three times.
The last time was on my own dime, that is how much I love the AGU fall meeting in San Francisco. This year I graduated, got married, moved, started a new job, and it just wasn't in the cards for me. However, this ePoster thing is cool! I am going to be exploring the posters that are posted over next week.

There are already a bunch of seismology posters posted, and I hope that this is a new permanent feature! I am a collector of those mini-posters people print and would love to have these higher resolution copies! For example just browsing the seismology section (enter the section and hit search and look at all the cool results!) I found a poster on lithospheric structure below the Puna Plateau of the Central Andes! Click ePoster and there is the poster!

I am excited to see how many people use this new feature and hope it will become a mainstay of AGU. The poster sessions are my favorite and I love to just wander the poster hall and explore new fields I didn't even know existed. I will virtually be in San Fran this coming week, sitting at home with a beer exploring the posters!

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